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Royal Service

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    Yushui Hotspring had sent professional team to learn first class service concept and skills from Japan & South Korea. Who御水温泉御式服务le course of professional service shall achieve outstanding imperial enjoyment. We provide the optimum SPA products for you. Thoughtful service runs through the overall process with considerate and thoughtful service bringing you a kind of unprecedented comfort.
    You could experience an honorable private vacation in Yuxiang VIP area and enjoy tranquility by yourself or gather with your friends in private rest room. You will gain a pleased and elegant feeling. There are various kinds of guest rooms and aromatherapy houses, where you can enjoy your holidays with the service of pedicure, back massage, Japanese massage, leisurely dynamitic massage, Chinese & Thai massage, Kerikan, etc.
    Yushui Hotspring sparkplugs “Imperial Service”. The “Passion” style of royal service runs through the whole service with the personalized service being proposed at the same time. Thoughtful, comfortable and intimate service can meet different needs of all customers. Especially,  10 “one” of warmhearted serviceand five personalized services of VIP SPA are proposed.
10 “one” of warmhearted services:
    10 ‘one’ warmhearted services” means the intimate service shall be perfection on meeting the customers’ demand. Customers can get the spotless services and feel enthusiasm, consideration and warmth deep down from their heart at the same time.
    10 “one” services: One Salute, One Honorific, One Smile, One Drink, One Umbrella, One Pair of White Gloves, One Towel, One Rubber Band, One Pair of Slippers, One Assist.

Five Personalized Services of VIP SPA:

1.SPA water temperature Adjusting
2.Exclusive Room
3.Strict Privacy
4.Personal Balanced Diet
5.All-around Health Consultancy and Guest History Record

Tianmu Lake South Hill Bamboo Sea,Liyang ,Jiangsu
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