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Address:Tianmu Lake South Hill Bamboo Sea,Liyang ,Jiangsu

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御水温泉客栈 御水温泉客栈标准间 御水温泉客栈标准间

    You will have simple and unadorned experience with beautiful scenes around by enjoying weird mountains and running water . Yushui Hotspring Inn is located near Tianmu Lake Nanshan Bamboo Ocean and Tianmu Lake Yushui Hotspring, with which its advantaged position, Yushui Hotspring Inn becomes the preference of numerous tourists because of its secluded peace and simple design. It is also a distinct mark of the tour.
    Yushui Hotspring Inn has 4 single rooms, 21 standard rooms, 6 family rooms and one suite of rooms. You can find it appropriate to stay no matter you travel alone, with friends or family members, or just on business trip.
    At the same time, you can taste the original flavor of the farm vegetables and experience the natural simplicity in specialty restaurants around the inn.

Tianmu Lake South Hill Bamboo Sea,Liyang ,Jiangsu
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